Translucent porcelain candle

$ 36.00

Delicate candle made from superfine English porcelain slip. Tiny holes are punched by hand, smoothed, and filled with glaze to amplify the glowy effect. The porcelain vessel is reusable. 

The candle is a custom scent made for me by the masters at Joya Studio ! I wanted a subtle candle that reminded me of the outdoors, and they delivered with notes of sweet musk, clary sage, jasmine, and vetiver (a tropical, wild grass that adds a woody & earthy scent). It's a really lovely, fresh, and mild candle and I'm so proud to share it!

Choose from the following:

-Tiny candle holder, 2.5" x 2.5" (not scented, comes with a plain votive) *FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. for the tiny size*

-Tall and slender candle, 2.5" wide and 6" tall, contains 8oz of wax

-Stout candle, 4" wide and 5" tall, contains 16 oz of wax

-Giant candle, 5.5" wide and 7.5" tall, contains 44oz of wax 

Limited edition, in stock and ready to ship.